July 21, 2019
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World Weather for Tuesday July 23 2019

Middle East:  Showers will continue to target the far northeastern regions of Pakistan.  A few showers are possible over far northeastern Turkey.  An upper-level ridge will extend from northern Saudi Arabia northeast to the southern Caspian Sea with fair, warm weather expected elsewhere.  Highs will reach 30 in Beirut with sunshine, 32 in Islamabad with showers and thunderstorms, and 34 in Jeddah with lots of sun.

Europe:  Conditions will be very quiet and quite warm over western Europe and western Scandinavia with an upper-level ridge extending from Spain northeast to Norway.  Some showers are possible over Ireland.  To the east, a wave of low pressure will produce showers and a few thunderstorms over sections of Romania and eastern Ukraine.  Highs will reach 23 in Moscow with mostly sunny skies, 27 in London with partly sunny skies, and 32 in Milan with lots of sun.

United States and Canada:  A storm system will be in place over northern Quebec with some rain likely there.  A secondary storm system will be in place over the coastal regions of eastern New England.  A frontal system will extend from that low southwest to Louisiana.  Showers will stretch from southern New England and New Jersey southwest across Virginia and Tennessee to Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, and eastern Texas.  Temperatures will be cooler over the east in the wake of this frontal system.  In contrast, an upper-level ridge will be building over Arizona and Utah with fine, warming weather expected over most western areas of the continent.  Any minor shower activity will be confined the interior of southern California.  Highs will reach 74F in Seattle with mostly sunny skies, 76F in New York with showers, and 82F in Edmonton with sunshine.

Asia:  Minor showers are possible over northern Mongolia and western Manchuria with troughs in place.  Showers and thunderstorms will stretch from North Korea southwest to the eastern regions of central China.  Some thunderstorms are likely over southwestern China as well.  Minor showers are indicated for parts of Myanmar and western Thailand.  Showers and strong thunderstorms are indicated for India's southwestern coastline.  Some of the rain may be locally heavy.  Thunderstorms are expected over the northern and northeastern, interior regions of India as well.  Highs will reach 30 in Pyongyang with the chance for a thunderstorm, 32 in Manila with scattered showers, and 37 in  Shanghai with thunderstorms likely.

Africa:  Ridges of high pressure will be in place over Western Sahara and Mozambique with fair weather indicated for many northern and southern regions of Africa.  A wave of low pressure will be approaching the southwestern coastline of South Africa with showers and cooling temperatures expected around Cape Town.  Scattered showers will extend from Nigeria east across Cameroon and the Central African Republic to northern Congo, southern Sudan, and the Ethiopian Highlands.  Highs will reach 15 in Cape Town with showers, 34 in Khartoum with partly sunny skies, and 35 in Tunis with lots of sun.

Australia and New Zealand:  A frontal system will produce cold temperatures and rain over southern Victoria and Tasmania.  High pressure will be moving onshore over the western coastline of Australia with fair, somewhat milder weather expected elsewhere.  Minor showers will brush the western coastal regions of New Zealand.  Highs will reach 11 in Wellington with scattered showers, 13 in Melbourne with showers, and 26 in Port Hedland with partial sunshine. 

South America:  Cold temperatures will dominate the central and southern areas of both Chile and Argentina.  To the north, scattered showers and thunderstorms will extend from Uruguay and far southern Brazil northwest across Paraguay and Bolivia to parts of Peru.  Thunderstorms are likely over much of Columbia and over western Venezuela.  An upper-level ridge will be dominant over central and eastern Brazil.  Highs will reach 15 in Cordoba with sunshine, 18 in Lima with a mix of sun and clouds, and 27 in Recife with isolated showers.


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