January 22, 2019
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World Weather for Wednesday January 23 2019

Middle East:   High pressure over Iran and Iraq will bring quiet weather once again from Turkey to Saudi Arabia and Pakistan to Syria. Snow showers are indicated with a weak  disturbance moving across northern Afghanistan and northern Pakistan. Highs will reach 12 in Istanbul with increasing clouds and a late day shower, 13 in Amman with mostly sunny skies, 24 in Karachi with lots of sunshine. 

Europe:  Strong low pressure will move across western Europe into the Mediterranean, bringing widespread rain showers with higher elevation snows. Another disturbance will move into Ireland and England, bringing rain and snow showers to the British Isles. Highs in Munich will reach 1 with clouds and a few snow showers, 4 in London with scattered rain and snow showers and 9 in Rome with scattered rain showers.

United States and Canada:  Low pressure moving into the Great Lakes will bring moderate snows to Ontario and Michigan with rain showers and thunderstorms stretching south through the Mississippi Valley to Louisiana. Rain showers and mountain snows are indicated for the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia. Highs in Sakstaoon will reach 24F with snow showers, 40 in Pittsburgh with increasing clouds and rain showers developing, 46F in Denver with some sunshine.

Asia:  Low pressure developing off the coast of Japan will bring rain and snow showers. High pressure moving into the Korean Peninsula will keep the weather fair over much of mainland China. Showers and thunderstorms will continue over the Philippines and the coast of Vietnam. Highs will reach 5 in Beijing with mostly sunny skies, 9 in Tokyo with a few rain showers otherwise mostly cloudy skies, 33 in Bangkok with partly sunny skies.

Africa:  Moderate to heavy rain showers and thunderstorms are expected from Madagascar to Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Tanzania. Fair weather will rule much of central Africa. Unsettled conditions will prevail across the north with rain showers from northern Algeria to Tunisia and northern Libya. Highs in Tunis will reach 13 with rain, 22 in Dakar with partly sunny skies and 27 in Cape Town with sunny skies.

Australia and New Zealand:  A tropical wave will bring rain and thunderstorms along the northern coast of the Australian continent. Unsettled conditions with clouds and rain showers will be found along the southern coast from Western Australia to Victoria and Tasmania. Rain showers will spread into the South Island of New Zealand. Highs in Wellington will reach 21 with rain developing, 25 in Perth with a mix of clouds and sun, 29 in Sydney with a mix of sun and clouds.

 A trough developing across southern Brazil and northern Argentina will bring scattered showers and thunderstorms. Rain and thunderstorms will also be found from Peru, Ecuador and Colombia into northern Brazil. Highs in Bogota will reach 20 with rain showers, 28 in Santiago with sunny skies, 30 in Buenos Aires with thunderstorms.



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