June 05, 2023
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World Weather for Wednesday June 7 2023

Middle  East :   A few showers are likely over parts of northwestern Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and eastern Turkey.  A few showers are also possible over parts of western Turkey and southern Iran.  Isolated thunderstorms will affect some central and eastern regions of both Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Highs will reach 24 in Istanbul with increasing clouds, 34 in Karachi with mostly sunny skies, and 41 in Baghdad with sunshine.

Europe:  Areas of high pressure will remain in firm control over Scandinavia and northern Europe.  To the south, waves of low pressure will produce showers over parts of Portugal, Spain, Italy, Croatia, and Turkey.  Highs will reach 20 in Kiev with mostly sunny skies, 25 in Paris with increasing clouds, and 25 in Munich with mostly sunny skies.

United States and Canada:  A storm system will continue to produce wind-driven showers over parts of eastern New England and Atlantic Canada.  A trough will trigger showers and a few thunderstorms over southern Saskatchewan, eastern Alberta, and portions of Montana.  A band of showers will extend from southern Ohio northwest across Illinoi and Iowa to the Dakotas. Minor showers are indicated for parts of Texas and New Mexico.  High pressure will be in firm control elsewhere.  Highs will reach 56F in Halifax where it will remain breezy with a few showers, 67F in San Diego with partly sunny skies, and 77F in Minneapolis with lots of clouds.

Asia:  A storm system will be positioned over Manchuria with showers and a few thunderstorms developing.  Other northern and most central regions of Asia will feature quiet conditions.  To the south, some showers and thunderstorms are expected over the interior regions of southern China as well as over parts of Thailand, Cambodia, and southern India.  Highs will reach 23 in Tokyo with fair skies, 30 in Manila with a few scattered thunderstorms, and 33 in Mumbai with isolated showers.

Africa:  The weather will be quiet over much of northern Africa with any showers confined to some coastal regions of northern Morocco and Algeria as a frontal system approaches.  Pressures will be lowering over Nigeria.  Showers are likely there and over southern Niger.  Thunderstorms are indicated for parts of Chad, southern Sudan, and the Ethiopian Highlands.  Most southern regions of Africa will be quiet with high pressure in control.  Highs will reach 28 in Alexandria with mostly sunny skies, 30 in Mogadishu with partial sunshine, and 38 in Khartoum with the chance for an isolated shower.

Australia and New Zealand:  Showers and a few thunderstorms are still likely over parts of southern New South Wales and Victoria.  A few showers are still possible over the western coastline of Australia as well.  Conditions will be improving over New Zealand with showers tapering over the North Island as a wave of low pressure moves farther offshore.  Highs will reach 14 in Auckland with morning showers, 15 in Melbourne with some showers, and 15 in Sydney with the chance for a shower or thunderstorm.

South America :  The weather will be quiet over much of South America with a few thunderstorms confined to portions of far western Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, and Uruguay.  Highs will reach 22 in Quito with scattered showers, 23 in Santiago with variable cloudiness, and 24 Rio de Janeiro with partial sunshine.


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