October 03, 2022
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World Weather for Wednesday October 5 2022

Middle East:   A weak wave of low pressure will continue producing showers and thunderstorms over parts of western Turkey and northern Syria.  Other regions of the Middle East will be quiet with mild to warm temperatures.  Highs will reach 34 in Jeddah with sunny skies, 35 in Karachi with variable cloudiness, and 41 in Baghdad with sunshine.

Europe:  A few showers are possible over central and northern European Russia with a wave of pressure dissipating over the region.  Minor showers are possible over parts of the western Black Sea and northern Turkey.  An area of lower pressure will produce showers over parts of southern Norway, southern Sweden, and Scotland.  High pressure will be dominant over much of Europe.  Highs will reach 14 in Oslo with scattered showers, 23 in Milan with mostly sunny skies, and 23 in Barcelona with sunny skies.

United States and Canada:  The remnants of Hurricane Ian will be positioned offshore to the southeast of New England, close enough to produce morning showers over the coastal regions there.  A wave of low pressure and front will produce some rain over western Quebec and eastern Ontario.  Areas of high pressure will be situated over Kentucky and Wyoming.  Fair skies will result over many other regions of North America.  A few scattered showers are possible over parts of South Dakota and Kansas.  Some light rain is indicated for the coastal regions of northern British Columbia.  Highs will reach 63F in Philadelphia with a few morning showers followed by gradual clearing, 66F in Minneapolis with nighttime showers, and 81F in Orlando with partly sunny skies.

Asia:  Showers will continue target the Koreas and some central regions of China.  High pressure will be building over Mongolia with fair weather indicated elsewhere across northern Asia.  To the south, thunderstorms will be numerous over much of central and northern India, northern Myanmar, and the central Philippines.  Lesser shower will affect parts of Thailand.  Highs will reach 19 in Pyongyang with showers and a few thunderstorms, 27 in Delhi with the chance for a shower or thunderstorm, and 33 in Hong Kong with mostly sunny skies.

Africa:  A lingering trough will continue to trigger showers over parts of coastal Algeria, Tunisia, and northwestern Libya.  High pressure will be positioned over eastern Libya with fair skies indicated for other northern portions of Africa.  Some showers and thunderstorms will stretch from Nigeria east across Cameroon and the Central African Republic to southern Sudan and the Ethiopian Highlands.  A front will produce some showers over southeastern South Africa.  Highs will reach 29 Johannesburg with partly sunny skies, 25 in Algiers with a few scattered showers, and 33 Cairo with sunshine.

Australia and New Zealand:  A trough will produce some showers over the interior regions of Victoria and New South Wales.  A wave of low pressure will be moving onshore over the far southwest with some showers likely there.  Other regions of Australia will feature quiet conditions.  A trough will produce a few showers over southern New Zealand.  Highs will reach 8 in Dunedin with showers, 20 in Melbourne with showers followed by some sunshine, and 32 in Darwin with scattered showers.

South America:  Areas of high pressure will be positioned over northern Argentina and northeastern Brazil with quiet weather indicated for much South America.  A few showers and thunderstorms are likely over eastern Bolivia and Paraguay.  A few thunderstorms are also possible over sections of Venezuela and coastal Columbia.  Highs will reach 20 in Lima with scattered showers, 24 Rio de Janeiro with fair skies, and 28 in Cordoba with sunshine.


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