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  September 23, 2018
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World Weather for Tuesday September 25 2018

Middle East:  A trough will be positioned over north-central Iran with a few showers likely around Tehran.  A secondary trough will produce showers over Yemen.  Other sections of the Middle East will be quiet with a ridge of high pressure in place across northern Saudi Arabia.  Highs will reach 27 in Kabul with sunshine, 28 in Sanaa with variable cloudiness, and 32 in Tehran with the chance for a passing shower.

Europe:  A potent storm system will be shifting rapidly east across western European Russia with gusty winds and pockets of light to moderate rain likely.  Trailing troughs will induce some showers over parts of Poland, northern Germany, Denmark, and southern Sweden.  A few showers are possible over the Balkans.  High pressure will be dominant over western Europe with fair skies expected.  Highs will reach 15 in Edinburgh with partly sunny skies, 15 in Copenhagen with showers, and 18 in Sofia with increasing clouds.  

United States and Canada:  A small ridge of high pressure will be in place over New England with fair weather expected over the far  northeastern regions of the United States and over eastern Canada.  Showers and thunderstorms are projected for parts of the Carolinas, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee.  Onshore winds will produce rain over Pennsylvania and New York.  A few thunderstorms are also possible over parts of Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and northern Louisiana.  A frontal boundary will be shifting east across Minnesota and Wisconsin with showers and thunderstorms likely there and over the nearby portions of Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa.  Western regions of the continent will remain quiet with high pressure in place.  Highs will reach 69F in Toronto with rain, 83F in Charlotte with a few morning showers possible, and 95F in Las Vegas with lots of sun.

Asia:   Intensifying Typhoon Trami will be positioned offshore to the east, southeast of the Philippines.  The system will bear a close watch over the next few days.  Conditions will be fairly quiet over much of central and northern Asia with the exception of Japan.  Showers and thunderstorms will target much of central and southern Japan.  Some thunderstorms are also indicated for far southern China.  Conditions will be fairly quiet over much of India with thunderstorms confined to the northern interior of the country.  A few minor showers are expected along the eastern coastline.  A few showers and thunderstorms are likely over Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and northern Vietnam.  Highs will reach 23 in Pyongyang with fair skies, 28 in Hong Kong with a few showers, and 29 in Colombo with scattered showers and the chance for a thunderstorm. 

Africa:  A trough will produce some shower activity over Morocco and western Algeria.  Other northern and southern regions of Africa will be extremely quiet.  Scattered showers and thunderstorms are likely to the north and to the east of the Gulf of Guinea.  Some showers are likely over the Central African Republic and southern Sudan.  A trough will produce thunderstorms over northern Somalia.  Highs will reach 28 in Lagos with showers and thunderstorms, 29 in Algiers with mostly sunny skies, and 33 in Maputo with lots of sun.

Australia and New Zealand:  Onshore winds will lead to some rain from Sydney north to around Brisbane.  A few showers are possible over the southern coastline of Western Australia.  High pressure will be drifting east over Tasmania with fair weather expected over the remainder of Australia.  Temperatures will be cool over New Zealand with showers possible over the far south of the country.  Highs will reach 14 in Auckland with spotty light drizzle, 20 in Adelaide with fair skies, and 24 in Brisbane with some rain likely.

South America:  A pair of troughs will combine energy to produce showers and thunderstorms over northern Argentina, Paraguay, and southern Bolivia.  Some shower and thunderstorm activity is also likely over Peru, interior Columbia, southern Venezuela, and far western Brazil.  A few thunderstorms are likely over the eastern interior of Brazil.  Other areas will be quiet.  Highs will reach 20 in Santiago with variable cloudiness, 26 in Sao Paulo with partial sunshine, and 30 in Caracas with fair skies.


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