October 23, 2020
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World Weather for Friday October 23 2020

Middle East: A trough will be positioned over the eastern Mediterranean Sea with a few scattered showers possible over southern Turkey, western Syria, Lebanon, western Jordan, and Israel.  An upper-level ridge will be sprawled across central Saudi Arabia with fair weather expected elsewhere across the Middle East.  Highs will reach 31 in Islamabad with mostly sunny skies, 32 in Baghdad with sunshine, and 34 in Kuwait City with lots of sun.

Europe:  A storm system will be shifting east across southern Finland.  Rain is likely over much of Finland and northwestern European Russia.  A trough will produce showers over northern Portugal, northern Spain, and southern France.  A few showers are also possible over Scotland.  Highs will reach 12 in London with partly sunny skies, 17 in Lisbon with scattered showers, and 19 in Bucharest with a mix of sun and clouds.

United States and Canada: A storm system will be shifting east across western Quebec with pockets of light to moderate rain and a few thunderstorms expected there and over eastern Ontario, Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois.  Lesser showers will affect parts of Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, and Tennessee.  A few showers are possible over the coastal regions of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and western Florida.  Areas of high pressure will be situated over central Alberta and southern Saskatchewan.  A trough will produce some rain over the coastal regions of British Columbia.  Highs will reach 14F in Calgary with a few snow flurries, 73F in Philadelphia with clouds and some sunshine, and 90F in Tampa with thunderstorms.

Asia:  Showers and thunderstorms will target central and northern Japan.  Surface and upper-level high pressure will be dominant elsewhere across central and northern Asia.  To the south, a few showers are possible over the northern and southern regions of the Philippines and over the coastal regions of both Cambodia and Thailand.  Numerous thunderstorms are expected over Myanmar and northeastern India.  Lesser showers will affect areas along India's southwestern coastline.  Highs will reach 23 in Tokyo with showers, 24 in Taipei with partly sunny skies, and also 24 in Shanghai with hazy sunshine.

Africa: Ridges of high pressure will stretch from Mali northeast to Algeria and from Namibia east to northern South Africa.  This combination will lead to fair skies over northern and southern regions of Africa.  A wave of low pressure will produce some rain over parts of Congo, eastern Nigeria, Cameroon, and Gabon.  Some showers are also expected over Uganda, southern Sudan, and the Ethiopian Highlands.  Highs will reach 24 in Algiers with partly sunny skies, 28 in Freetown with a mix of sun and clouds, and 29 in Cairo with mostly sunny skies.

Australia and New Zealand: A few showers are possible over the southern fringe of the Gulf of Carpenteria and over the interior of New South Wales.  Showers are also expected over Victoria.  Other regions of Australia will be quiet.  Most locations in New Zealand will be quiet.  The exception will be over the Auckland area where few showers are possible.  Highs will reach 13 in Christchurch with partly sunny skies, 22 in Melbourne with showers and the chance for a thunderstorm, and 30 in Townsville with variable cloudiness.

South America: A trough will produce a few showers and thunderstorms over northern Argentina, Uruguay, and western Paraguay.  A few thunderstorms will dot the Venezuela and Colombia border.  Lesser showers will affect will far western Brazil and the western Guinea Highlands.  Highs will reach 20 in Bogota with a few showers, 21 in Buenos Aires with the chance for a minor shower, and 27 in Quito with variable cloudiness.


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