May 25, 2019
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   Wind gusts of 30 mph or greater were recorded 13 times here in Syracuse during April.  It was a windy month.  A peak wind gust of 45 mph was reported on April 3.  We had back-to-back dry days just twice during the entire month.  The average temperature for April was 48, 1 degree warmer than normal  Readings ranged from 22 on April 2 to 78 on April 23.  April was a little wetter than usual with 3.45 inches of rain measured.  The monthly snowfall total was 2.5 inches, pushing the seasonal snowfall total to 115 inches.  Buffalo won the Golden Snowball Award for Upstate New York with 119 inches measured.  A study released by the University of Albany noted that the number of rain events of greater than 2 inches has increased since 1979.  Folks along the Lake Ontario shoreline had growing flooding concerns at month's end.


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