January 25, 2022
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  December 2021 was the Syracuse area's second warmest month of December on record with an average temperature some 8 degrees warmer than normal at 38 degrees.  (December 2015 was the region's warmest December with an average monthly temperature of 41 degrees.)  High temperatures reached 50 or higher eight times during the month, including December 31 when sunny skies, the sounds of spring, and the smell of barbeques filled the air.  Nighttime low temperatures were at or above freezing on 14 of 31 December nights. Readings ranged from a record smashing 67 degrees on December 16 (the record was broken that day at 7am) to 20 degrees on December 20.   Peak winds of 62 mph were measured on December 11 in the wake of a strong cold front.  Rain and melted snow for December was 3.55 inches, slightly more than normal.  Typically, December produces around 31 inches of snow here in Syracuse but this December the monthly snow total was a paltry 9.5 inches.  The seasonal snowfall of 14 inches is much lower than the usual 41 inches that has usually accumulated by December 31. Records for the month:  Record high temperature of 67 degrees on December 16.

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