February 17, 2020
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January 2020 was the region's 13th warmest January on record with an average temperature of 31 degrees.  Readings were 7+ degrees warmer than normal. Record high temperatures in the mid 60s were recorded on January 11 and 12.  A sharp cold front followed the brief period of unusual warmth.  Wind gusts of 50 mph were measured on January 12 with some wind damage reported.  Readings for the month ranged from 67 degrees on January 11 to 4 degrees on January 21.  Only 16 inches of snow fell during January.  Snow plows were mainly idle. A total of 2.85" of rain and melted snow were measured during January, slightly above normal.  Records for the month:  Record high temperature (tie) of 67 degrees on January 11.  Record high temperature of 65 degrees recorded on January 12.


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