September 23, 2018
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Pockets of heavy rain affected parts of Central New York early in August but the Syracuse area was largely spared.  Torrential rainfalls of more than 11 inches were reported in between Seneca and Cayuga Lakes on August 13 and 14. Homes were inundated. Cars, campers, and boats were swept away. Flash flooding damaged many roads and bridges.  Just over 7 inches of rain fell in Pulaski during a four-hour period on August 14.  A 14-county State of Emergency was declared.  The Phish festival, scheduled at Watkins Glen for the August 17 - 19 weekend was cancelled due to a lack of fresh water for the 30,000 expected attendees.  Rainfall for the month here in Syracuse was 2.96 inches, a little less than usual.  Temperatures for the month averaged 72.6 degrees, close to 3 degrees warmer than normal.  Readings ranged from 92 to 53 degrees.  Smoke from western wildfires covered the skies of Central New York late in August.  There was a peak wind gust of 51 mph reported on August 6.


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