May 25, 2019
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January, 2019
January was a wild month.  The month started with a strong cold from producing 64 mph wind gusts on January 1.  A strong storm produced 12" + snowfalls across Central New York on Saturday January 18 and Sunday January 19.  In the wake of the storm, a polar vortex developed over the upper Midwest with actual air temperatures of -30 to -35 and -60 degree wind chills measured in Chicago and Minneapolis.  Here in Central New York, the polar vortex lasted for three days from January 30 through February 1.  Heavy lake snow hammered the Watertown area with 3 feet of snow reported, 20" of that falling in a seven-hour period. The Syracuse area reported five nights with temperatures below 0.  For the month, the average temperature was 21.4 or 2.2 degrees colder than normal.  Readings ranged from 50 degrees on January 1 to -7 on January 21.  Rainfall and melted snow came in at 3.25" or about 0.75" more than usual.  The monthly snow total was 33 inches. 
February, 2019
Temperatures stayed at or below freezing during much of February.  The cold combined energy with bouts of strong winds to produce piles of wind-swept ice along the eastern shore of Lake Ontario.  Many coastal homes turned into ice houses.  For the month, the average temperature was 26.6 degrees which was actually slightly warmer than normal.  Readings ranged from -1 on February 1 to 61 degrees just two days later on February 4.  Rain and melted snow came in at 2.85 inches, somewhat higher than usual.  The February snowfall total eclipsed 27 inches.  The Syracuse area reported a peak wind gust of 56 mph on February 25. Gusts of 74 mph were recorded that in Niagara Falls.  Oswego measured a 77 mph gust. A peak wind gust of 86 mph was recorded atop Whiteface Mountain. 
Records for the month: None
March, 2019
Temperatures were colder than normal across Central New York during March with an average temperature of 32.4 degrees, close to 2 degrees colder than normal.  Readings ranged from 7 degrees on March 9 to 68 degrees (briefly) on March 30.  The month was rather uneventful apart from a fairly significant, late-season snowfall that began on the last day of the month.  March was relatively dry with only 1.60" of rain and melted snow recorded.  Close to 15 inches of snow fell during March, pushing the seasonal snowfall total to 112.5 inches. 
Records for the month: None
April, 2019
Wind gusts of 30 mph or greater were recorded 13 times here in Syracuse during April.  It was a windy month.  A peak wind gust of 45 mph was reported on April 3.  We had back-to-back dry days just twice during the entire month.  The average temperature for April was 48, 1 degree warmer than normal  Readings ranged from 22 on April 2 to 78 on April 23.  April was a little wetter than usual with 3.45 inches of rain measured.  The monthly snowfall total was 2.5 inches, pushing the seasonal snowfall total to 115 inches.  Buffalo won the Golden Snowball Award for Upstate New York with 119 inches measured.  A study released by the University of Albany noted that the number of rain events of greater than 2 inches has increased since 1979.  Folks along the Lake Ontario shoreline had growing flooding concerns at month's end.


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